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My first McMitchell fic!!

Title: Of Insecurities and Hockey
Author: Lyndasty
Pairing: McMitchell
Rating: Well...borderline PG13/R. Nothing graphic but a couple of mature situations.
Summary: Rodney has issues...Cameron just wants to watch hockey.
Author's Notes: Okay so in response to burningchaos and darkmoon711 badgering encouragement, here is my first McMitchell fic. It's not terribly long (unlike some of my other fics) and is partially in response to the current 2 challenges on mcmitchell_luv. This is unbeta's and I'm working on sketchy knowledge of the Pepsi Center in Denver. So without further ado...

Rodney stopped just outside Cameron’s office and listened. The door was pulled almost all the way closed but McKay had honed his listening skills carefully over the years.

“What do you mean what am I wearing? What d’ya think I’m wearing Les?” There was a touch of incredulity to Mitchell’s voice and Rodney was instantly jealous. Les?! Who the hell was Cameron talking to about what he was wearing?! “Yeah I got the email and the pictures thank you.” Laughter. “Alright already…” More laughter and Rodney began to fidget, accidentally knocking the door open slightly. “Listen I gotta go. Call you later? ‘Kay…love you.” And there was an audible click before, “Come on in.” Rodney straightened up and tried to neutralize the look on his face. “Oh hey Rodney…” Cam’s voice was all sincerity and pleasantness; it irritated the Canadian to no end.

“I was just stopping by to see if you’d eaten. It’s roast beef day in the commissary.” Rodney sounded pathetic and rejected but he refused to bring up what he’d overheard through the door. Cameron smiled at him and all but hopped up and around the desk, planting a quick peck on Rodney’s cheek.

“Was just goin’ after I got off the phone. C’mon.” Mitchell flashed him an even wider smile and led them both to the elevator and to the commissary.

They ate in relative silence. Cameron tried making small talk but gave up when McKay seemed more interested in the report he’d brought with him than anything Cam tried to talk about. Even trying to bait him into his oh-so-sexy snarking by commenting on Sam’s proposed improvements of the hyper-drive engines failed. With a sigh, Cam gave up and looked over his own report, promising himself to get to the bottom of Rodney’s mood later.

After lunch, they walked back to Rodney’s lab still in silence. Rodney was about to walk into his lap without another word to Cameron when he was stopped by a hand on his arm.

“Hey…” Cam’s voice was soft and concerned. Rodney simply looked at him with a tired expression. “We still on for tonight?” Rodney nodded silently and walked into his lab, leaving Mitchell alone in the hall.

Rodney threw himself into his work and tried not to think about Cameron whispering sweet nothings into the phone in his office, let alone saying ‘love you’ to someone named Les. Who was this Les person and why did they get ‘love you’ when Rodney had barely been told that by one very southern Lieutenant Colonel. Not that Rodney was ready to jump head long into life long declarations of love by any means. He and Mitchell had only been seeing each other for a little over six months and Rodney still had issues with a sort of ex. Sort of in that it had been purely physical but not on Rodney’s side. McKay sighed; why did he always fall for the pretty boys with no clue on how to treat someone with the emotional vulnerabilities like he had.

The physicist glanced at his watch. Four forty five. Where was Cameron? Usually he was already annoying Rodney from the sidelines of the lab by now. Rodney had not heard the klaxon alarm so there was no obvious emergency on base. He looked around the lab and realized that he had just enough time to get the last power adaptation simulation done on the newly discovered almost zero point module. He’d been trying to work on it for the whole of the week but couldn’t because Cameron kept appearing at inopportune times for subspace energy tutoring sessions. Rodney sat quietly at his computers, comparing the energy simulations and oblivious to Cam standing in the doorway studying him.

Cameron studied his lover. Rodney was so completely absorbed in his research that not only did he not realize he was being watched but that Cameron was stalking him and now stood at his back. Rodney’s head went back and forth from one computer screen to the next as if he were watching a ball bounce back and forth, muttering about energy output and decaying wavelengths. Cameron was almost hard just from listening to the scientific jargon that quietly passed the scientist’s lips.

“So are you just going to stand behind me or are you actually going to speak?” Rodney’s attention never left the computer screens in front of him but he could feel heat radiating against his back and there was only one person in this galaxy who would dare invade Rodney’s personal space to that extent.

The pilot leaned down closer to McKay’s ear, his warm breath ghosting over already heated skin. “What should I say?” His voice was all but a purr that sent chills and a shiver straight down Rodney’s spine and to his crotch.

“Why not start with who was on the phone earlier?” For a split second, McKay didn’t know whether he’d actually said that or had just thought it but when he felt Cameron back away, he knew he’d actually said it. The dreaded heavy silence was back beating down on them both. Cam leaned back against the table beside Rodney and crossed his arms, waiting for the inquisition that was sure to follow but none came. McKay quietly turned both computers off, packed his laptop up and moved to leave. Cam fell in step behind him, grabbing his own briefcase and digging out his keys. For once he’d glad he’d driven them in this morning.

Twenty minutes later and they’re on their way. Rodney leaned back in his seat and closes his eyes. He was not conscious of the passage of time since leaving the mountain as Cameron sometimes likes to take the long way to wherever they’re going. Rodney did notice that the vehicle seemed to be moving faster so he opened his eyes to see they were on the interstate.

“Where the hell are we?” Rodney rubbed his eyes and sat up in his seat.

“Twenty five headed north.” There was no hint of further explanation forthcoming.

“North to where exactly?” Rodney was annoyed.

“Denver. It’s a surprise.”

“Well I certainly am surprised. I’m often surprised when I’ve been kidnapped with no one knowing where I’ve been taken to.” Rodney was highly annoyed. “And besides, I have work to do in case you’ve forgotten…”

“We have the weekend off, Rodney. And Sam knows where we’re going as does Teal’c, Jackson, and Landry. And I’m sure your scientists are glad to have the time off. Y’all’ve been working like crazy on that new energy source.” Cam’s mood began to lighten as Rodney began to fidget

“So you told everyone on base about this abduction but me. How thoughtful of you,” Rodney snapped. Instead of stopping, Cameron just went faster. He was calmer going faster. He wanted to be to the hotel like five minutes ago but time travel didn’t exactly work that way.

“Look, I just thought that we could use a weekend away. SG one is on stand down for 48 hours and we can both use a break. I’ve missed you.” His voice was soft and his accent really came out. Rodney immediately felt bad for snapping at him. He reached out his hand and took Cameron’s empty one, entwining their fingers.

“How could you miss me; I practically live with you.” His voice was playfully dismissive and not so cold as it had been. Cameron brought their hands up to his lips, kissing each of Rodney’s fingers gently before turning his concentration back to driving, otherwise they’d be stopping earlier than planned.

Cameron had shown Rodney three times how much he’d missed him once they got checked into the Hyatt Regency Denver and their suite. Rodney had been pleasingly shocked to discover that at some point either this morning or during the course of the day, Mitchell had been able to smuggle a bag of Rodney’s clothes and toiletries into his truck. McKay had made noises about leaving his laptop in the truck to be parked, crying there were top secret documents on there.

“If they can break your encryption key I say let ‘em have the thing.” Cam groused on their way to the elevator. Any and all protestations Rodney might have had died as soon as the door to the suite closed behind him. Then the only thing Rodney could do was mutter the occasional, “Oh God” or “Yes! Right there!!” as Cameron mapped out every single erogenous zone on his body with his tongue.

After that, they’d talked about going out to dinner but opted instead to order room service and stay in. Dinner started out on Cameron but desert ended up on Rodney and so they were, sweaty, sticky and cuddled up in bed watching hockey of all things.

“What is it about SG one commanders and hockey?” Rodney mused while running his fingers up and down Cameron’s arm
“Whaddya mean?” Cam kissed the top of Rodney’s head absently while trying to follow the little black dot on the screen.

“General O’Neill has a deep devotion to hockey from what Daniel says and now we’re laying here, in afterglow, watching hockey.”

“Well I know someone who works for a hockey team so I kinda had to learn the game to keep up my end of the conversations.”

Rodney studied the screen, imaging what the velocity of the puck would have to be to have that much of a rebound and what would be the optimum angle to shoot to make sure it found the back of the net.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about?”

“The same thing I think about whenever I watch hockey: the physics behind the game. You know the angles of the shots combined with the force behind them to score the perfect goal.” Rodney’s voice trailed off.

“You analyze hockey in terms of physics?” Cam was purring again.

“Always have. That’s why I never could play. Took too long deciding on how to shoot the puck and mmmph…” Rodney’s explanation was cut short by Cam’s tongue playing its own form of hockey with Rodney’s.

“You’re such a geek sometimes, McKay…but that’s okay because I think it’s hot as hell that you deconstruct a sport in terms of physics…” Cameron licked his way around Rodney’s ear before kissing ever lower down Rodney’s body. Rodney’s last coherent thought was ‘he shoots he scores.’

“We’re going where?” Rodney stopped dead in his tracks in the middle of the ‘Space Odyssey’ exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

“We’re going to a hockey game tonight. The Avalanche against the Nashville Predators and we have amazing seats, or so I’m told.” Cameron stopped to look at the IMAX schedule to see when the next science film started.

“Been told? Been told by who?”

“I told you I know someone who works for a hockey team. That’s where I got the tickets.” The next IMAX movie started in less than 10 minutes. Cam pulled Rodney into it kicking and snarking about how wrong they inevitably got things and complaining that Cameron was just avoiding talking about all the reasons they should not go to a hockey game.


The film wasn’t too terrible. Honestly, Cameron didn’t pay attention to most it as Rodney’d taken great delight in pointing out all the glaring inaccuracies to him. Cameron shook his head. What was it about scientific technobabble that got his engines going? They wandered around the museum more; Rodney snarking about how the soft sciences weren’t all that scientific regardless of what Daniel Jackson said about them. Cam didn’t put up much of an argument. Rodney was in full ‘I’m the most brilliant mind in two galaxies and I know I’m right’ mode and Cam was content to let him go.

Dinner had passed amicably enough until Cameron’s cell phone rang. “Hey Les how are you?”

Rodney dropped his fork. Cameron had told his phone murmurer about their romantic weekend away? He felt his heart slowly start to shatter.

“Yeah he’s right here and yeah we’ll be there. I promised didn’t I? Are you ever gonna let me live that down? Alright alright fair enough…be there at 6? Will do. Bye darlin.” Cam hung his cell phone up and went back to eating his steak.

“Just what the hell is going on?” Rodney fought to stay calm.

“It’s called dinner, Rodney. You eat it generally about six to seven hours after lunch and usually before bed although with you and your sleep habits…”

“To hell with my sleep habits you’re cheating on me.”

“Do what?!”

“You heard me. I heard you on the phone yesterday and then just now with the same person I assume or otherwise you have two other…interests…named Les.”

Cameron sighed heavily and dropped his knife and fork. He took one look at Rodney and his heart broke. Folding his napkin and tossing it on the table, Mitchell got up and motioned for Rodney to follow him, dropping money on the table to cover dinner. Rodney was not so silently protesting their departure, bitching that he wasn’t done and was still ravishingly hungry.

With Rodney still whining behind him, Cameron wordlessly marched them out of the restaurant and to the curb, hailing a cab.

“Now what?” Rodney groaned.

“I’m gonna show you how way off you are on this one…” Cameron tried to be mad but a combination of McKay’s self-consciousness and the potential look on his face had Mitchell on the proverbial fence of what he was feeling. Once a cab had stopped and Cameron had maneuvered Rodney inside, they spent a silent ride to the Pepsi Center. Mitchell paid the cab driver and pulled Rodney out of the cab and towards the ticket office. They weren’t horribly early but earlier than he would’ve liked to have gotten there.

The girl behind the glass at the box office smiled brightly and Cam returned her smile automatically, earning him an eye roll and groan from his lover. “Hi here to pick up two tickets for Cameron Mitchell.”

“Hang on…here you go. Two tickets and two all access passes. And you can go on in.” The girl smiled sweetly as she motioned Cameron and Rodney to the nearest door for security to open it for them.

“Must you flirt with everyone on the way to rub my face in your affair?” The Canadian groused.

“Shut up, Rodney.” Cam shoved Rodney’s ticket and pass at him. Rodney glanced at the ticket. It was for a skybox. Cameron’s other lover had gotten him two tickets for one of the skyboxes so Cam could bring his soon-to-be ex lover with him? Something wasn’t adding up. Rodney bumped into Cameron accidentally, not paying attention to where he was going in favor of studying the ticket and the pass. Rodney allowed himself to be led to one of the suites where they stopped as Cam sent a text message on his phone before turning to face Rodney.

“I’m not cheating on you. Just because he treated you like shit doesn’t mean I will, too. I just wish you’d see that.” Mitchell’s voice was low and serious. “I love you, Rodney McKay, and want to be with you for a long time.” Rodney shifted uncomfortably.

“CAM!” A feminine voice called from down the concourse and Cameron turned to face her.

“LESLIE!” Cameron took two steps and met the woman, picking her up in a huge bear hug.

“Les-lie?” Rodney mumbled and gawked at the two people hugging. So much for Cameron not cheating on him. The woman was almost a foot shorter than Cameron with light sandy brown hair.

“Is this him?” She was southern. Rodney could hear an accent almost identical to Cameron’s. Cam nodded shyly.

“Rodney, I’d like you to meet my sister, Leslie. Leslie, this is Rodney.” Cameron was beaming and Rodney’s jaw dropped.

“Sister?” His voice broke slightly and he cleared his throat as Cam nodded.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Rodney. Cam’s told me so much about you!” Leslie opened her arms and stepped towards Rodney, enfolding him in a hug. When she pulled back, Rodney could see how strikingly similar she was to Cameron, down to the bright blue eyes. “C’mon. Let’s go sit down and talk. I actually managed to wrangle me a seat in here so we can spend time together.” Leslie opened the door to an empty suite. Cam looked around the empty concourse before grabbing Rodney’s hand and pulling him into the suite behind him. “Hey Rodney is it true that you look at hockey through physics’ colored glasses?” Leslie giggled, Cameron sighed and Rodney rolled his eyes. Like brother like sister.

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    Dead community is dead. Fair warning I will be deleting this com in a week or so so if there is anything you still want snag it.

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    It is sad to see this community dead. McKay/Mittchell is my favorite SGA/SG1 pairing.

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  • Dead, dead and more dead

    Dead community is dead. Fair warning I will be deleting this com in a week or so so if there is anything you still want snag it.

  • (no subject)

    It is sad to see this community dead. McKay/Mittchell is my favorite SGA/SG1 pairing.

  • (no subject)

    An open fandom fiction challenge. Write a story inspired by lyrics from My Chemical Romance's latest album! Click the banner for details!